Benefits of storage locker :

Storage lockers are like standard garages to store your excess belongings. But, unlike garages, they are fully-sealed spaces that offer protection from climate conditions and pests.

Storage lockers provide an affordable place for you to store your excess items. You don’t need to pay the high cost of renting a storage unit for years on en
d because you can rent these storage units by the month or year depending on how long you need them.

You can move into one of these storage lockers to free up space in your home or office! And when you're done storing your items, just give us a call and we'll come to pick up the locker within 24 hours so that our next client can use it!

The most common way to rent a locker is to contact a local storage company and request a rental unit. Storage companies will typically deliver the storage unit, for an additional fee, and provide instructions on how to set up your locker for future use. Some rental companies require customers to provide their lock or supply an approved security device from the rental company at the time of delivery. 


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