When storage rental is the solution

Office rent is often a very large cost for a company. Above all, if you as an entrepreneur want your office in a good location. Then it can feel very unnecessary to pay the same expensive price per square meter for warehouse space as you do for office space. But there are other solutions –you can easily rent a luggage room for things from UPAK storage. It will likely be a cheaper solution and it is more flexible as you can increase and decrease your storage space as the need changes. When you have just received a large delivery, you can rent a lot of space and as your need decreases, you can reduce your storage space.

The right conditions for your storage

When you rent a storage room, you can choose from a few different solutions depending on your needs. Depending on what you are going to store, it is smart to choose a heated and guarded storage room with good ventilation. Then you can be sure that the company's things are not damaged during the time they are stored. Improper storage that leads to you having to discard a lot is not good for the company's finances.

Convenient with pickup

With the option to order pickup and delivery of your things, you get a very convenient solution. This means that you always have access to your things at short notice and avoid the worries and costs of renting a trailer or truck to collect your things.

Office move

In connection with a company changing offices, there is often a lot to think about. Sometimes the old furniture doesn't fit in the new office, but it still works and can be used if the company grows later. Perhaps you will be "officeless" for a period when you have moved out of the old office but have not yet entered the new one. It is important to then store desks, chairs and other furniture in a good way so that they are not damaged. Because you don't want to have to buy new furniture just because the old ones were damaged during storage.

Is someone going to be away for a while?

Much of what we have in the office is available digitally and often the person who is going to substitute needs access to it. But look around your workplace - there is often a lot that is your stuff that a temp doesn't need.

When you go on parental leave or are away from the office for any other reason, you may want to take your items home. But there is certainly material from a previous project or memory from a kick-off or other work-related event that you don't want to take home as much. That stuff will just be in someone else's way and the box you pack it in will just take up unnecessary space in the office.

Downsizing of the office

The need for the number of workplaces can vary greatly over time in a company. Not least now that we have gotten used to working remotely and many will want to do so in the future as well. But it may be difficult today to predict how many workplaces and what other spaces you will need in the office in the future. Do you need a larger coffee area, sofas and creative areas or do you need more workplaces with desks?

Create flexibility by storing your furniture while you test yourself. You can also create a more flexible office environment by changing the interior and furnishing the office with what you have stored as the requirements of the business change.

By storing the furniture you don't need right now, you can easily access it when you need it again. Without the long delivery times that many furniture companies have today. And you don't have to buy new ones every time, which is good both financially and environmentally.


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